Descent by Evan Craft

     “Stop looking back. Keep walking.”

     “I’m always scared someone is following us.”

     “Just relax.”

     The tide lets up, and the boat goes forwards.

     “Stop looking back!”

     “I’m sorry. I’m just scared.”

     Sets of piercing crimson tear holes in the fabric of darkness: following the vessel. Turn here, turn there. The forest canopy finally opens into the mountain’s peak.

     “If this is your last day, then just live it! It’s already decided, there’s no changing fate. If you’re taken, you’re taken.”

     “Keep running.”

     “It’s on me!”

     “Just cut your freaking arm off!”

     Screeching voices cascade down the valley, illuminating the clock. The hour hand strikes 12. Up. Up. Up. Up. A white face sits on the dizzying darkness replaying over and over again on a bearskin platter. They ate him from the inside out, slowly pulling his corpse into the abyss.

     “Shoot it and stop looking back!”

     “There’s nowhere to run!”

     “Ease up! You’re gonna lose it!”

     Farther and farther down, the path winds. Crossing under the clouds, the river ceases. A vast ocean of scarlet grass glides across the moonlight.

     “How much longer?”


     Laughing souls celebrate. Time remembered them.

     “Look over there!”

     “We’re here friend.”

     The car skids across the ice, ensnared by riveting waves. Their presence was from that moment entangled by fate. It always was.

     “Do you still have it?”

     “Yeah, it’s in my back pocket.”

     Scurrying through the radiant breeze, the pitter patter of animals, so sweet, flowing like footprints in milk and honey, forgets to falter and instead joins. The ever pleasant aroma drifts pulling them farther and farther into descent.

     “Is it a dream?”

     “Look over there!”

     The heavy air drenched their movements. Time didn’t forget.

     “Pull it out, and look over there.”

     The singular fabric of being stared back from the jar’s interior. Sapphire eyes of sadness, branded into his memory, spoke to his soul as he fell from morning’s embrace.

     “I remember this place. It’s. This is it.”

     “I knew you wouldn’t forget.”

     Light flew out everywhere. The rain-bowed beams played a melody so devoid of sadness that smiles fell from underneath the rust speckled factory. Something beautiful remembered.

     “Wake up!”


     “Get up its almost time! You’re going to miss it!”


     “The moment we’ve been waiting for! Here it is wake up!”

     “Wake up! Wake up!”

     The rippling sunset shatters into pieces. Standing right there in from of them, a voice reverberates from underneath their boat. He picks up the sparkling pieces to see something that remembe-

     “Mr. Craft stop daydreaming.”