Re-imagining the Gender Spectrum by Olivia Goodwin

There are 2 genders of people: 
Artists and Athletes

Rule #1
All artists are mentally crazy;
It's where creativity lives.

Why is it that artists always seem to have a streak - or rather perhaps brushfulls - of anxiety, depression, or some other characteristic deemed a problem.

Perhaps creativity is not something humans can handle.
It makes the mind run rampant attempting to escape.
It's energy is overflowing;
It can be flowing, smooth, but also violent and sharp.

It can be harnessed as a tool and used to fashion awe-inspiring wonders,
Or it can be an onerous nerve itching to be put to use. 
Positive or negative, creativity will make its presence known. 

Rule #2
All athletes are masochistic to some degree.
No pain to gain.

Why would anyone induce pain?
Perhaps it's not the pain they're after,
Rather they want to benefits strung to it.

The personal challenge.
The competition. 
The feeling of accomplishment.
The unconscious release of endorphins.
The resulting body and health.

Their energy is a live wire.
It demands release in the raw form of physical movement.
Suppress it and the wire takes over.
It finds an outlet of destructive nature.