The Destination by Ngwengang Angafor

A: Does this have any meaning?

C: of course it does

A: What is it

C: No idea 

A: Where are we going  

C: No idea





C: Everything is beautiful, gorgeous, elegant in fact

A: If you say so

C: It is

A: wasn’t objecting

C: You are lying

A: what do I have to gain from lying

C: I have no idea. All the more confusing

A: Weird

(looks up at the sky for a bit)

A: The sky is absolutely splendid

C: It's okay

A: it is

C: suppose so

A: Forget you





A: I am bored

C: What can we do other than walk

A: No idea

(F who had been sitting on the branch of a tree, peers his head down as they pass)

F: Where are you both off to?

(A and C stop and look behind them)

F: Over here, you morons!

(they turn and look up and then they see F)

C: That's nice

A: Of Course it is, what did you expect

F: Where are you both off to

C: Just walking because why not

F: When do you guys know when to stop

A: Have no idea, but apparently we just got to keep walking until we do stop

F: either find a reason to keep waking, Keep walking in misery or stop walking.




F: Move along then

(Silently they continue walking)

C: Do you think there was any sense in anything he said?

A: Who the hell knows, cause I don't

(They pass by a circus)

A: Want to go to the circus?

C: Why would I want to?

A: why wouldn't you?

C: Because there is no reason to

A: Circus it is

(They walk into the circus, stand at the back and watch for a bit, but A walks out and C follows)

C: the circus was your idea

A: yep was so interesting, but I got bored

C: So what now

A: No idea

C: Keep walking then?

A: Not much else to do

(They continue walking silently for a while until they reach a cliff)  

C: Are we ever going to get there?

A: Get where?

C: Anywhere, somewhere, we must be going somewhere

A: Maybe maybe not

(They realise they are standing on the edge of a cliff)





A: So what now

C: It's the end of the road, no going back, no going forward

A: How can you be sure

C: Can’t  

A: then why speak?

C: it will be foolish to say otherwise

A: but we are all ignorant you don't know, I don't know, no one I know knows

C: Only one way to find out

(A takes a step forward and disappears)

C: Looks like this is all it was ever about

(C does the same)