1:42 am by Dajee Provitt

Canada goose might as well be called Canada noose

or maybe nuisance or is that supposed to be me

and all of my extended family


Here we are choked up and set aside

although our GPAs were just as high,

it's subtle and institutionalized,

not at all, but in some, you can see it in their eyes


The Dartmouth Review should have a session in which they review themselves, because

here. this place. I wanted, fought, pleaded and prayed to be accepted in,

has left me feeling unwelcome and segregated

by the gender gap that surrounds me in a poorly insulated room

that I must resume calling home because my home is so far away


It is not as though nothing here is just and right

It is just that the standard of living seems to be at an inaccessible height


The granite still runs deep in my bones and my brains, but sometimes I am afraid

Today cannot change yesterday, but hopefully one day today can change tomorrow and

tomorrow will be a better day.