Cyclone by Courtney McKee

Cyclone come

and Hangman go hand a can

in the Haunted House

There is yet no Canned Man

But Potato Sack Man can

Strip bare but for a sack

The Cyclone canned

the Potato Sack Man

Who hangs by His hands

in the House so haunted

the Hangman won’t hand the can

to the Potato Sack Man

Whose head will rattle like a tin can

When the Cyclone comes

Banging His head against the House

Already so haunted

It rattles the Hangman’s hands

So bad he can’t hand the can

to the hanging Potato Sack Man

to make him a Canned Man

Before the Cyclone comes

A-banging to the Haunted House

where Hangman still stands

With his hands at his back

While Potato Sack Man hangs bare

Still an Uncanned Man

When the Cyclone comes